We provide from start to finish onsite water management services; including: permit research and path for plan approval, design of system, installation and maintenance of water recycling systems (such as the BioBarrier System), extensive engineering and technical support, on-site field services, and maintenance programs. Below are recent projects with Bio-Microbics Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) in the State of Illinois:

Reclaim Your Yard with BioBarrier® MBR

The difference between the MBR ( BioBarrier® ) and ANY other onsite system is that the dispersal area is very small, about 1/20th the size of a Septic System. For a 3 bedroom home where the septic soil test showed a .27 gal/sqft/day area required. And, unlike ANY other onsite system,is permanent. You will never need to dig up your yard or need to reserve an area for septic replacement/expansion. So, you can put in that pool you wanted, build the Gazebo or patio, or build a man cave garage! Your yard is yours, again.

  • MBR system
    MBR system
    Shown is a quick servicing of the system. After time mechanical parts can wear out, these can be easily replaced. The cost of long term service for a BioBarrier® is comparable to your sewer bill if you lived in a city.
  • Dispersal area needed
    Dispersal area needed
    There wasn't enough room using every square inch of the property to put in any type of septic system let alone it would have to be a mound because of the high water table. With a BioBarrier a little 8’ by 10’ bed right at the seasonal high water table was all that was needed.

And again, this will last the life of the home as no other septic system could.

Here’s how an MBR really is the future of wastewater treatment…

…and a better option than the public sewer!

Installation of BioBarrier with Infiltrator E-Z flow drain field in Illinois:

Here is a job using a Bio-Microbics BioBarrier that highlights the difference between an MBR and ANY other technology used in the onsite wastewater industry.

This a repair in an older subdivision platted in the early 60′s where no thought was given to the wastewater system. Tiny lots. Wet dense clay soil. The only option other than a BioBarrier was to hook this house up to the common drainage tiles and let the sewage run into the nearby creek.

Because the MBR (BioBarrier) removes all measurable organics, bacteria, and suspended solids there was plenty of room in this dense clay soil for a subsurface dispersal system. This installation is as permanent as public sewer and will last the life of the home. No other wastewater technology can do this. Every other onsite system available would clog this soil with organics and sludge even if the dispersal field was 10 or 20 times larger.

Only an MBR can do this. This is all the room that will ever be needed. No expansion area is required, unlike septic systems that will eventually clog the soil and fail.” ~ Kurt Bihler, BihlerTech, Inc.

  • Repair Older Subdivision After Install
    Repair Older Subdivision After Install
  • Repair Older Subdivision
    Repair Older Subdivision

5-Bedroom Home, Inverness, Illinois

JW Trenching installed the BioBarrier® 1.0 MBR System with needing only two 48′ Infiltrator® “Drainfield Chamber” trenches. Infiltrometer testing and site planning/survey performed by Land Technology.

About the Contractor: JW Trenching, Inc. specializes in septic system installation, repair, design, troubleshooting, and service.

About the Engineer Designer: Land Technology, McHenry, IL, was established in August of 1993 for the purpose of providing impeccable civil engineering and land surveying services. We strive to complete each job on time and to provide competent staff with expert knowledge of the design service requested.

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