We provide from start to finish onsite water management services; including: permit research and path for plan approval, design of system, installation and maintenance of water recycling systems (such as the BioBarrier System), extensive engineering and technical support, on-site field services, and maintenance programs. Below are recent projects with Bio-Microbics Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) in the State of Illinois:

5-Bedroom Home, Inverness, Illinois

JW Trenching installed the BioBarrier® 1.0 MBR System with needing only two 48′ Infiltrator® “Drainfield Chamber” trenches. Infiltrometer testing and site planning/survey performed by Land Technology.

About the Contractor: JW Trenching, Inc. specializes in septic system installation, repair, design, troubleshooting, and service.

About the Engineer Designer: Land Technology, McHenry, IL, was established in August of 1993 for the purpose of providing impeccable civil engineering and land surveying services. We strive to complete each job on time and to provide competent staff with expert knowledge of the design service requested.

DeKalb, Illinois: Truck Scale/Weigh Station Property

Zeiter Waste Management installed the BioBarrier® 0.5 MBR system for a Scale House at a Weigh Station property which required direct discharge (with NPDES Permit) of effluent.

Manteno, IL Residential BioBarrier System on a Small Lot

N.E.T. Excavating installed the BioBarrier® 1.0 MBR system right between two homes.  This photo album shows two complete installations to two different homes. One serving a 3-bedroom trailer home and the other on a small lot.

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